Africa’s Largest Mobile Social Network For Feature Phones, 2go Finally Goes Android


Following the growth of smartphones in Africa and its recent rapid user growth, 2go, the largest mobile social network for feature phones in Africa has finally gone Android, just after six months it announced that it would be hitting smartphones.

After growing the platform to over 30 million users who send more than 6 billion messages monthly, with only four developers, the company, which was founded in 2007, only until last November started recruiting for new developers in order to make the 2go app available on smartphones.

While it plans to release the app on the Blackberry and iOS platforms, it has first pounced on the Android bandwagon, which is arguably the fastest growing mobile platform in Africa. This makes sense as most feature phone users in Africa who are now migrating to smartphones are using/likely to use an Android-powered phone, even as one can get a budget Android smartphone for as low as $85.


However, its biggest market, Nigeria, where it currently has over 10 million active usersisn’t much of a big Android market yet, as Android phones are estimated to be about 5.2% of current monthly phone sales, up from 3.4% in September 2012, as compared to the Kenyan market where Android phones are said to represent 52% of monthly phone sales.

The 2go Android app is intuitive and easy to use and now includes push notifications, a sleek user interface as well as maintains the same fun social experience. The lightweight app also helps users to keep their data spend as low as possible.

2go’s largest competitor, Mxit is available on BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


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