5 Fashion eCommerce Trends to Watch


Beam-it-down clothing that you can try on in your closet and beam back up if it doesn’t fit. A personal aesthetic “profile” that follows you everywhere you go, making it easy to find new fashion products you’ll love. Daily visual, shoppable RSS subscriptions of everything your favorite style bloggers and celebrities are wearing. Is this the future of fashion eCommerce?

Coinciding with New York and London Fashion Weeks, Merchantry hosted fashion eCommerce panel events featuring speakers from Arch & Loop, C. Wonder, Head, Perry Ellis, Polyvore and Thomas Pink. They discussed what some of the most innovative fashion brands—both emerging and established—are doing today and what they envision in the near term and beyond. Here are five trends to watch:

  • Consumers will expect to interact with brands consistently and personally across multiple touchpoints, including via social media, mobile devices and curated commerce sites. This will require flexible multichannel technology, responsive design and thoughtful brand management.
  • Personalization will drive a true omni-channel experience, with data sharing between online and in-store channels creating a seamless shopping experience.
  • The fragmentation of authority will continue, with social media and user-generated content allowing new voices to be heard. A fashionista with a loyal Twitter following can establish real influence and, increasing, will expect to be able to profit from that influence.
  • Curated commerce, powered by online marketplace technology, will allow retailers to differentiate themselves from generalist sites while giving fashion brands a way to access new customer markets—including international markets.
  • Increasing numbers of brands will become “digital first”—launching online and establishing a following before venturing into brick-and-mortar retail.

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